VAT Refund

VAT REFUND.. If you live outside the EU.

If you live overseas and you want BIG SAVINGS on buying your bike, clothing, accessories, etc, then Bike Zone can help you!
We will explain to you exactly how to claim the VAT back on the purchases you make from us at Bike Zone.
In short, when you fly out from Amsterdam, you take your original Bike Zone invoice to the Customs VAT counter in the Departures Hall at Schiphol Airport (we will explain exactly where).
The Customs official will inspect your passport, your flight ticket, your original Bike Zone invoice and the goods you purchased from us.
If everything is in order, the Customs official will stamp and sign your original Bike Zone invoice and return it to you.
When you arrive home, you scan (in color) your original Bike Zone invoice with the Customs stamp and email it to us.
We will do the rest for you and arrange with you to forward your 21% VAT* refund back to you. Yes, you get the FULL VAT refund without any deductions!
Just another reason why Bike Zone is the ideal bike dealer for you.

VAT rate in 2016. If it changes, your refund will change accordingly.