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    Bike-Zone More than Bicycles  –  Real Cycle Shop Run by Cyclists for Cyclists!

    With a very wide selection of bicycles in our store, a huge range of clothing, accessories, spare parts and a knowledgeable cycling staff, we are sure to be able to help you achieve the ride of your life!! Our pleasant bicycle shop is near to Amsterdam and Leiden. We welcom you to arrange a test ride with us at your convenience.  Please bring your ID with you. We have ample parking space  and its for FREE!

    Our specialties are  Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Time trail bikes, Trekking bikes, Beach bikes and sportive E-bikes. We also have an online WEBSHOP where you can check the products we sell in our shop and order something if you want to.

    We have a young, dynamic but most of all sportive staff. The 5 of us al ride MTB, Road/ Time trail bike and Beach bike. So if you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to ask us.

    You can also find a large collection of Cycling Clothes, Accessories, Spare parts and Nutrition products in our shop. We have a qualified movement technologist who can measure your perfect bike by THE BIKE FITTING SYSTEM.

    Of course we have our own repair department were you can bring your bike for maintenance. iEven if you bought your bike somewhere else, that’s no problem for us! You are most welcome at Bike-Zone.

    See you in our Bicycle Shop!

    Kind Regards, 

    Leo, Jack, Sven, Joep & Chantal  The Bike Zone Team


    VAT Refund

    VAT REFUND.. If you live outside the EU. If you live overseas and you want BIG SAVINGS on buying your bike, clothing, accessories, etc, then Bike Zone can help you! We will explain to you exactly how to claim the VAT back on the purchases you make from us at Bike Zone. In short, when you...Lees meer

    Fietsvakantie Bike-Zone Riccione

    Fietsvakantie in Riccione Italie. Wat hebben we genoten en veel gelachen! We hebben schitterende tochten gereden. We hebben afgezien en onszelf verbaast, maar o o o  wat was het leuk. Wij logeerden in Bike Hotel Milano Helvetia Riccione. Alles werd voor ons geregeld, Ontbijt, Fietslunch en Diner. Zelfs onze fietskleren werden iedere dag netjes gewassen....Lees meer

    Bike-Zone Lab

    Bikefitting, fietsmeting, zitproblemen, sq lab, zadelmeting, meten, opmeten fiets, bikezonelab, bewegingstechnolog, statische fietsmeting, bikezone, joep van der veer – http://www lisinopril  

    Bike-Zone Crew
    Jack, Chantal, Joep and Sven

    Who are we?

    We have a “young”, dynamic, but especially a very sportive team. We ride on  the road bike/time trial bike as on the mountain bike and/or beach bike. We have slightly different bike stuff in our shop. Not the standard package, but those very little things that make cycling fun.

    In our open work place we do all kinds of repairs. We are also specialized in Bikefitting. Our Joep has a cum laude Bachelor of motion technology.

    Your dream bike! Many cyclists made there dream come true in our shop. It‘s fun to help a customer create his or her dream bike.

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